Daniel Violante Páramo



Every great artist has a phrase that governs them. Daniel Violante’s phrase is precisely the one that titles this review: The living breath.  And this breath, coming from the soul of Daniel gives life to his art. Painter of light and dreams, his mind is always full of ideas of what he wants to paint and seems to ignore the fear of some painters on the emptiness of space. Daniel is lost in the act of painting and unrelated thoughts disappear, then, there is no sense of time or place and sometimes not sense of his own self. Eternal lover of the Caribbean nature has developed this blowing technique, common in ancient China, used it with the help of thin bamboo branches to spread paint on paper. Daniel added to this technique handling brushes and sometimes uses the fingertips to give a fine touch and even a more human approach. The media he uses is ad hoc to his purposes:  acrylic paint to develop a technique that combines in a certain way painting and music to capture the conservationists ideas of the artist. Not just the whims of the soul what the observer sees in the paintings of Daniel, in his pieces we glimpse the author's alter ego to observe what it may be a stream of lava pouring into the sea to form bubbles of oxygen in the water and finally petrified in some other part of his work. "Painting detail, is an act of worshiping the divine energy for which meditation is very good" Daniel looks through his work as an energy sphere constantly expanding beyond the limits of the body and in communion with the energy of all things. In other of his pieces when we observe those light brown spots common in nature, we find that peace that a good meditation can provide, but his monochromatic composition is immersed in a background only existing in the fantasy of the author. The consciousness of the observer does not disappear completely but slowly flow to overflow in a nature that is revealed as an exquisite lace of indescribable light. Daniel plays with abstract concepts religiously; he is immersed in worshiping the details where opposites complement and enforce each other. A real world created by the imagination to deliver a different sense of nature. This action forces us to establish links with the infinite. Viewing Daniel’s work in certain way we relate paint with the Pan Flute. An act that leads to daydreaming and occasionally we can hear the desperate song of the artist issued in an effort to draw attention to a nature that is going to extinction. And for that call he may use a giant dragonfly, but not disproportionately trying to escape from the substrate that contains it to fly free in the showroom and finally perch in top of a lone tree in the middle of the way showing a very thin shaft but holding a lush foliage.

No doubt Daniel Violante transforms his energy into art, it, as the ancient Maya will call the resin that emanates from all beings; The Living Breath.